Cater A Business Lunch The Right way

Cater A Business lunch the right way

It’s no secret that there’s a substantial amount of planning that goes into a business meeting. From pitches and offers to negotiations and closing deals, there’s a lot at stake. But when you’re trying to connect with current employees or make a prospective client feel welcome, there’s one key aspect that’s sure to leave a lasting impression — the food!  

As a proud provider of the best sandwiches and hoagies throughout Philadelphia and Bucks County, Fresh Works understands the importance of dependable, delicious catering. While big games and holiday parties are undoubtedly special occasions to bond over some great grub, your business lunch food options shouldn’t be on the back burner. If you’re a decision-maker in your office, you might feel the pressure to make sure an office or business lunch is a success. Here are a few tips to ensure your colleagues are not only full — but happy! 

Get a Final Headcount 

Nothing’s worse than running out of food to start a chorus of rumbling stomachs. Once you have a general ballpark of how many people will be enjoying your business lunch, give us a call over at The Fresh Works to discuss some seriously scrumptious catering packages that are ideal for your number of participants. 

Consider Sensitivities 

While it’s essential to give everyone some agency in what they choose to eat, it’s also crucial to consider food allergies, gluten-free foods, and vegan/vegetarian options. You can do this by choosing several main dishes as well as various side dishes to give people plenty of agency in building their own plate. With a delectable spread, you’re sure to keep everyone satisfied, regardless of dietary restriction.  

Schedule Meeting Efficiently 

Plan out a meeting schedule that breaks your afternoon down into blocks of time, therefore accounting for the presence of food. For example, you can schedule the first 20 minutes of the meeting for nibbling and small talk. When it’s time to get down to business, schedule a short break to give you the chance to remove food waste and transition the area into a space that allows everyone to use the table for reading materials, notepads, or laptops to get down to brass tacks. Or, if you need to get right down to business from the get-go, make sure that a designated time to eat falls around the usual lunch hour. 

Satisfy the Sweet Tooth 

We want your business lunch to conclude in a pleasing way. It’s crucial to have some healthy alternatives on the table, but it’s also a special treat to dish up, well, some special treats!  

The way to your colleagues’ heart may be through solid business propositions — but we believe our catering options offer a “fresh” alternative! For more information about The Fresh Works’ corporate catering, contact us today. 

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