Catering at the Office: What You Need to Know 

Catering at the Office: What You Need to Know

After finding the best corporate catering in Bucks County, you might think you’re ready to cater for your company. However, catering at work isn’t as simple as placing an order and waiting for it to arrive. There are many steps you need to take and details you must consider so that your corporate event runs smoothly. Here are five tips you ought to know before you begin catering at your office. 

Determine Your Office’s Headcount 

Before you order any office catering, you need to know how many employees will be present during the meal. If you don’t order enough, some employees may miss out on their chance to eat the delicious food you bought. Count the number of people working in your office who will be there that day so nobody will miss out on the catering event. 

Provide a Variety of Options 

When catering at work, it’s important to bring different types of food for your employees to enjoy. There are various ways to differentiate your catering event, such as providing hot and cold options to satisfy the preferences of all your staff. Consider bringing popular sauces and spices, like sriracha and pepper, to help others flavor their meals to their tastes. 

A vital component of providing options for an office catering event is fulfilling the dietary needs of your employees. Some people may need vegetarian or gluten-free options, so keep their sensitivities in mind while you design your menu. Ask each person individually to learn their restrictions or set up a survey or flier to determine what meals work best for your office. 

Know Your Budget 

After determining what menu works best for your office, you’ll want to begin the office catering process. However, it’s essential to know what budget you’re working with, as it may inhibit your plans. Know how many people you need to feed prior to ordering and ask the catering service you chose about pricing, so you don’t have to deal with any unexpected costs. 

Properly Prepare 

Outside of ordering food, there is a lot of preparation necessary for catering at work. You’ll need lots of plates for employees to put their food on, as well as forks and knives for them to dine with. Napkins, cups, and other dining utensils should also be considered not just for planning but also for the overall budget. Knowing what kind of food, you’ll serve while office catering is essential too; for instance, a pizza may require a cutter to slice and serve. 

Another step you need to take while setting up catering at work is to find where everyone will be eating. Will the number of attendees comfortably fit your office space? Make sure to set aside an area ahead of time for them to assemble and be sure to procure enough tables and chairs for them to sit in as well. 

Have Enough Time 

In an office catering event, timing is critical. You won’t want your employees to wait for their catering food, and if it arrives too late, it may cut into their work or meeting time. Ensure there is enough time for the catering to be prepared beforehand so when your staff is ready to eat, their meals will be prepared. Also, make sure you are mindful of how long they have to eat, so they have enough time to eat their cuisine properly. 

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